Bartek Świątecki aka Pener

Bartek Świątecki aka Pener ( b. 1981, Lives and works in Olsztyn, Polska )


Since 1996 related to graffiti and than street art scene in Poland.

2001 – 2006  MAGISTER OF ART, (M.F.A. degree), Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun, The Faculty of Fine Arts, graduated with honours.

Since 2008 I have worked as a teacher in an Art High School in Olsztyn / Poland -teaching drawing and painting. In 2019 I received the title of Certified Teacher – this is the last fourth, highest level of teacher’s professional development in Poland.


Marshal Art Scholarship of Warmia and Mazury, Olsztyn, 2023.

Bronze Medal from the Polish President for merits and years of service in education, 2019.

The Individual Award of the Director of the Center of Artistic Education II degree for special contribution to the development of artistic education in Poland 2019.

Statue of St.James in the field of Culture and Art, Mayor of Olsztyn City, Poland, 2016.

Art Scholarship from the Adam Mickiewicz Institute -for a trip and the NOCTURNES exhibition at the 886Geary gallery in San Francisco, 2015.

Art Award for outstanding Achievements in the Arts, Mayor of Olsztyn City, Poland, 2015

Marshal Art Scholarship of Warmia and Mazury, Olsztyn, 2014.

I was nominated for the Skurpski Art Award, Olsztyn, 2014.

Bartek Świątecki’s work mixes abstraction and traditional graffiti. High art and youth culture, modernism and skateboarding. His images are based around geometric groupings and angular forms which reference futuristic architectural design. The apparent slickness of Świątecki’s productions is often at odds with the decayed settings the works are placed in. The visual language used in these pieces gives a glimpse in to a brave new world of graffiti and fine art cross over. It’s a world where graffiti writers are as happy to quote from De Stijl as they are Wu Tang.

As well as painting, Świątecki’s practice includes sculpture and installation. His sculptures are three dimensional workings of the paintings that carve triangular and pyramidal forms into real word space. Similarly, his installations contact together to make helixscapes of networked lines in public settings. In all of this work, outside of the art historical and graffiti elements, there is sense of the mapping of the digital world. Świątecki’s is re-humanising a reality which should exist on a computer monitor. And this is perhaps there greatest paradox. A graffiti writer making landscape paintings from his time in virtual reality.

Cedar Lewisohn

When you are a graffiti artist, your whole world is shaped by letters, so running away from them seems to be the most difficult thing to do.

However, it appears to be even more complicated to turn your name into something that is intersubjectively communicative. Then you change your language, and the imagery seizes being univocal. The alphabet evolves into surfaces, words become shapes and the meanings move between colours and lines.

Therefore, the works created by Bartek / Pener / Świątecki cannot be understood if we do not take into account the years of his street activities. Only then can we know the way he paved as an artist and his WRITER’S BACKGROUND will be the code to decipher his abstract figures. The figures which absorb the canvas and tell us far more than it appears while seeing the painting superficially.

The code embedded in the lines is not only the formal measure and the composition based on geometry is much more than just surfaces built on one another. The series of work titled „Cosmogramma” by Bartek / Pener / Świątecki can be interpreted through the variation put forward by him, i.e. referring to the very moment when Bartek abandoned classical graffiti and started his individual search for the essence of style.

The search has become a new genre called Graffuturism, which today constitutes the indispensable part of the modern art.

Bartek / Pener / Światecki repeatedly refers to the ideas from his beginnings and in that way, the harmony of his studio works is broken by dirt and damp patches and the typographic elements convey the consistance and perrenial efforts made to develop the unique style that characterises all Bartek’s creativity.

Cezary Hunkiewicz / BrainDamage

Into Pener’s work there’s a sort of catharsis. The Polish artist goes on his artistic path full of a delightful abstract attitude, working through a commutation of shapes he’ s able to achieve all of those emotional and instinctive feelings.

The research phase of this author is influenced by a constant turnover of outer stirrings and unique moments given from the environment.

Pener’s style is marked by abstract geometries, dragged here from his graffiti background.

This abstract approach has been reached through a personal research, slowly abandoning the typing culture. His artwork appears as a result of a constant chaotic and animated twist of several shapes, able to bring to life dynamic images and to stimulate the growth of them in the work space.

The compositions, both in the studio and in the street, look built following a strong sense of depth and three-dimensionality.

The elements grow out of an irregular base and from here they go through intersections crossing the space creating more elements as a new way of expression. Some volumes are more rough and dirty than others. Pener then creates figures structured as a dance of different hues, embracing pinnacles and the lowest levels, sharp edges stuck into transparent shapes.

The artist’s style traverses the space via different overlapped levels made out of a variety of colours and shades constantly trying to dare the emotions of the viewer.

A dialog between artwork and spectator takes place through lines, shapes and bodies, that powerful to cross the whole surface and trigger different games of perception portrayed by deepness instants and three-dimensional moments.

These days the author experiments a lot on smaller surfaces, as a way to evolve the research of abstract  and geometric twine.

At the same time for the opus on bigger surfaces, Pener applies the same concept magnifying it: we see here the artist growing his ability of manipulating shapes. A deep sense of perpetual motion comes out, an emotive dispersion to shape the appearance of the artist’s elements. These signs become sharpen, faster, straight and subject of a savage impact while growing in the space.

Diego Fadda / GORGO Magazine

Solo Exhibitions:

VACATION FROM REALITY, solo exhibition, Fiksate Gallery, Christchurch, New Zeland, 2022
TAKE IT EASY, solo exhibition, Punkt Gallery, Gdynia, Poland, 2020

BALANCE, solo exhibition, The Book Club, London, England, 2016

NOCTURNES, solo exhibition, 886Geary Gallery, San Francisco, USA, 2015

PLANED FREESTYLE, solo exhibition, Sopa Gallery, Kosice, Slovakia, 2015

COSMOGRAMMA, solo exhibition, Inoperable Gallery, Vienna, Austria, 2015

DEKONSTRUKCJA,  solo exhibition, Radar gallery, Kraków, Poland, 2012

SIGNAL TO NOIS, solo exhibition, NRD gallery, Toruń, Poland, 2011

GALERIA KOLORU, solo exhibition Rabeko gallery, Warszawa, Poland, 2011

Group Exhibitions:

31 aukcja SZTUKI XXI WIEKU, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny, Poland 2023Sztuka Współczesna / Urban Art, Desa Unicum, Warszawa, poland, 2023MY SONG, Memorie Urbane, Davide Rossillo Contemporary, Formia, Italy, 2023
CHMURA, Miejska Galeria Sztuki, Częstochowa, Poland, 2022RETRANSMISSION, Mirus Galery, Denver, USA, 202230 aukcja SZTUKI XXI WIEKU, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny, Poland 2022URBAN ART AREA, Leonarda Gallery, Warszawa, Poland, 202229 aukcja SZTUKI XXI WIEKU, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny, Poland, 202227 aukcja SZTUKI XXI WIEKU, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny, Poland, 2022

26 aukcja SZTUKI XXI WIEKU, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny, Poland, 2021INTERSECTION, Pener / 36RECYCLAB, Artcan Galery, Paris, France, 202124 aukcja SZTUKI XXI WIEKU, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny, Poland, 2021Aukcja Sztuka Ulicy, Desa Unicum, Warszawa, Poland, 202123 aukcja SZTUKI XXI WIEKU, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny, Poland, 2021

21 aukcja SZTUKI XXI WIEKU – aukcja kolekcjonerska, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny, Poland, 2020Aukcja Sztuka Dzisiaj, Desa Unicum, Warszawa, Poland, 202019 aukcja SZTUKI XXI WIEKU – aukcja kolekcjonerska, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny, Poland, 2020Aukcja Sztuka Ulicy, Desa Unicum, Warszawa, Poland, 202018 aukcja SZTUKI XXI WIEKU – aukcja kolekcjonerska, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny, Poland, 2020CITY CALL, Delta Art Gallery, Volos City, Greece, 2020

17 aukcja SZTUKI XXI WIEKU – aukcja kolekcjonerska, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny, Poland, 2019NOTE COLORS, Hsinchu City Art Gallery, Hsinchu, Taiwan, 2019L’AVENIR GRAFFUTURISM, Mirus Gallery, Denver, USA, 201914 aukcja SZTUKI XXI WIEKU – aukcja kolekcjonerska, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny, Poland, 2019

URBAN ABSTRACT, Fiksate Gallery, Christchurch, New Zeland, 2019 

NEW ORDER, Streetart Doping Gallery, Centrum Praskie Koneser, Warszawa, Poland, 2018LE TEMS D’UN ETE, Art Can Gallery, Marseille, France, 201812 aukcja SZTUKI XXI WIEKU – aukcja kolekcjonerska, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny, Poland, 2018AR/T/HITECTURE, License Art Gallery, Tainan, Taiwan, 2018BRUCE ZEST PENER, ArtCan-Gallery, Marseille, France, 201810 aukcja SZTUKI XXI WIEKU – aukcja kolekcjonerska, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny, Poland, 2018WE ARE BACK, ArtCan-Gallery, Marseille, France, 2018LEARN & SKATE, Street Art Charity Auction, Madrit, Spain, 2018

X Olsztyńskie Biennale Sztuki, BWA, Olsztyn, Poland, 20178 aukcja SZTUKI XXI WIEKU – aukcja kolekcjonerska, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny, Poland, 2017UNKNOWN PLEASURES, Cave Gallery-National Taipei Uniwersity Of Education, Taipei, Taiwan, 2017ABSTRACT WORLD, group exhibition, La Popartiserie, Galerie, Strasburg, France, 2017CONNECTING LINES, group exhibition, Creative Debus, London, England, 2017BOM.K-ZEST-PENER, group exhibition, Galerie Nicolas-Xavier, Montpellier, France, 20176 aukcja SZTUKI XXI WIEKU – aukcja kolekcjonerska, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny, Poland, 2017

INEXBRUSSELS, group show in showroom Roche Bobois, Brussels, Belgium, 20165 aukcja SZTUKI XXI WIEKU – aukcja kolekcjonerska, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny, Poland, 2016TEAM GLISS, group exhibition, Cabinet Rivet-Vigreux, Toulouse, France, 20163 aukcja sztuki XXI wieku, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny, Poland, 2016FullMoon ArtVol.2, group show, 18A Gallery, Warszawa, Poland, 20162 aukcja Sztuki XXI wieku, Sopocki Dom Aukcyjny, Poland, 2016

URBAN MASTERS, Group Show, HAUSAMMANN GALLERY, Miami, USA, 2015IX Art Biennale of Olsztyn City, BWA Gallery, Olsztyn, Poland, 2015G40 ART SUMMIT, Artwhino Gallery, Washington, USA, 2015Ten years anniversary of the „Areszt Sztuk Associacion”, Amfilada Gallery, Olsztyn, Poland, 20151AM REVOLUTION, 1AM Gallery, San Francisco, USA, 2015GRAFFUTURISM 5yr, 886Geary Gallery, San Francisco, USA, 2015A Major Minority 2015, 1AM Gallery, San Francisco, USA, 2015

Polish Urban Art, Europejska Fundacja Kultury Miejskiej, Paris -Berlin -Batumi – Lviv -Kyiv -Minsk -Lublin -Stockholm, 2014Same/Different, TheOutsiders Gallery. Newcastle, England, 2014ARTURBAIN, Tajan auction house, Paris, France, 2014CIEŚLAK / SYRUĆ / ŚWIĄTECKI, at Kuratorium | galeria | przestrzeń kreatywna, Warszawa, Poland, 2014Urbstraction, PrettyPortal Gallery, Duseldorf, Germany, 2014PROPASTUFF, Downstairs at Mother, Londyn, England, 2014Spring art collection, 1AM gallery, San Francisco, USA, 2014Major Minority, 1AM gallery, San Francisco, USA, 2014Ameryka, Wenecja, Ruś, group exhibition of association “Areszt Sztuki”, Olsztyn, Poland, 2014PL’ group show, 44309 gallery, Dortmund, Germany, 2014

Graffuturism, OpenSpace Galery, Paris, France, 2013

Areszt Sztuki vs Front Sztuki, Olsztyn, Poland, 2012Polski Street-art”, Auction House Rempex, Warszawa, Poland, 2012

PREDATORS, Lublin, Poland, 2011Brain Damage gallery no#1, Lublin, Poland, 2011COME INSIDE, Warszawa, Poland, 2011PROJEKT 40/40, Warszawa, Poland, 2011USTRUKTURALNIENIE, Sopot, Poland, 2011  Publications:

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