Bartek Świątecki aka Pener (b. 1981, Lives and works in Olsztyn, Polska)

…in 95/96 I started to write my name on the walls …over the years I simplified my style to a minimum …to straight lines and pure colors …to the essence

I am particularly interested in the shape, form and nature of mixed material withinprocess of time and how this language

informs visual communication on public space.

Work ranges from, paintings, walls, animation and site specific installation

graffiti …urban art …street art …You can call it as you wish …it does not interest me …I’m interested in how it is done and how it works on human emotions

… in 2006 I graduated painting department of fine arts at the University of Nicolaus Copernicus in Toruń city

… from 2008 I work as a teacher in secondary school of art in Olsztyn. I teach drawing and painting.



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